Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Lucy Nail Design

I'm finally posting! I feel like I've been putting this off for way too long! Maybe because I wasn't as satisfied with this design as I was with the other few I have uploaded. This design was just a little tribute to the wonderful show I Love Lucy, that I have been seeing a lot of recently! If no one's a fan of the show, you can still design your nails with the cute little lips I painted on both the index and ring finger. It's perfect for a Valentine's Day design!
Writing the words was hard with just a nail striper! It's why the Lucy part is kind of squished!

From Left: L.A. Colors Art Deco Baby Pink, Intense Pink and Rose
Sinful Colors Nail Art: Time Out
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth: Vital Violet
Just a plain little stripe design on the thumb and a criss cross one on the pinky. 
For this design really you need to try to steady your hand as best as you can. I honestly couldn't replicate it on my right hand, it was much too difficult without proper nail brushes. The lips are pretty easy by the way. Really you need to try and draw a sort of compressed heart, and than use black to part the lips.
My next post should be a simple and cute Cookie Monster one. Hopefully I'll get to it soon this weekend!! I can't believe school is already taking it's toll on Asa and I!!

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