Friday, June 19, 2015


Today, we're going to talk about a wonderful bath product that was sent to me for review by Adovia through Brandbacker.
When I opened this product, I was immediately entranced by the scent. If anyone is familiar with the Maja by Myrurgia powder, this body scrub smells just like it to me. (I personally love the scent because it brings back nostalgic memories of my grandma!) Anyway, the product is very interesting to look at. My picture can't even capture it properly!
It's fun to shake around!
It is essentially loose dead sea salt suspended in mixture of Aloe Vera, Avocado, Jojoba and Almond oil. As you exfoliate, the oils help replenish moisture and keep the scrub from being too abrasive, which is really nice. I love to use this as a foot scrub, since we are in sandal season! (Warning: If you are as clumsy as I am, please, please be careful when using this product in the tub. It WILL make your tub slippery.) This is a very unique scrub. I've been using the Ulta Coconut Cream Sugar Scrub, which is much thicker and not as separated. The application process for the Adovia scrub can be a bit tricky. The instructions suggest you use 1-2 teaspoons. Since the product is basically a two in one with both dead sea salt and moisturizing oils, you kind of need to get a good ratio of both elements of the product. However, this scrub definitely does its job. It helps smooth rough skin patches without actually harshly scraping the skin. The oils help balance out the nice grit of the salt. I'm really enjoying this product much more than I thought I would!
This body scrub can be purchased for around $16 on Amazon or on the Adovia website for $15.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Boxycharm May 2015: Bold & Beautiful!

This month's Boxycharm theme was "Bold & Beautiful: Be bold. Be bright. Be beautiful. Charmers, the May, go beyond your comfort zone and boldly dare to be your own kind of beautiful!" It certainly didn't disappoint!
The first product was the one I was most excited for. I received a Lip Bar lipstick in Purple Rain. While it's not the most wearable color, (this can make your teeth look a bit dingy...) it's just so unique and out there. I'm happy to have it! Unfortunately, my lipstick did arrive a bit wobbly in the tube. However, Boxycharm's customer support has been stellar to me in the past, and they generously offered to send another tube in my June Box. 

The Lip Bar Lipstick in Purple Rain ($19)
UPDATE: Guys. This color is growing on me. 

The second item was this beautiful nail polish from Lauren B. Beauty. It's a gorgeous pinky-peach color that is just perfect for summer!
Lauren B. Beauty in Sunset Tower ($18)
  UPDATE: Here's a picture of this nail polish in action! (For a cheaper dupe of this color, check out Sinful Colors in Skylark!)

Two of the products in our Boxycharm this month came as a duo. I passed this Bodyography Essential Brow Trio and Brow Brush onto my mom. I have very thick brows, so I'm not well-practiced in the art of brow products!
Bodyography Essential Brow Trio ($19) and Brow Brush ($19)

The last product in my May Boxycharm was a Model Co Shimmer Bronzer! I've never owned a bronzer before, and I'm a bit wary about using this product. I'm quite pale, and this bronzer seems to swatch a little bit orangey on me. I'm eager to test it out this summer though!
Model Co Shimmer Bronzer ($22)
Boxycharm is a subscription service that sends 4-5 luxury full sized items for $21 a month. I've been subscribed since September 2014, and I've really been pleased with it. It has helped me grow my make-up collection and try so many interesting high quality products. I highly recommend it if you are looking to treat yourself to a subscription service that will actually be worth the price.