Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Lucy Nail Design

I'm finally posting! I feel like I've been putting this off for way too long! Maybe because I wasn't as satisfied with this design as I was with the other few I have uploaded. This design was just a little tribute to the wonderful show I Love Lucy, that I have been seeing a lot of recently! If no one's a fan of the show, you can still design your nails with the cute little lips I painted on both the index and ring finger. It's perfect for a Valentine's Day design!
Writing the words was hard with just a nail striper! It's why the Lucy part is kind of squished!

From Left: L.A. Colors Art Deco Baby Pink, Intense Pink and Rose
Sinful Colors Nail Art: Time Out
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth: Vital Violet
Just a plain little stripe design on the thumb and a criss cross one on the pinky. 
For this design really you need to try to steady your hand as best as you can. I honestly couldn't replicate it on my right hand, it was much too difficult without proper nail brushes. The lips are pretty easy by the way. Really you need to try and draw a sort of compressed heart, and than use black to part the lips.
My next post should be a simple and cute Cookie Monster one. Hopefully I'll get to it soon this weekend!! I can't believe school is already taking it's toll on Asa and I!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Polka Dot Dandelion Nails

Hey! Asa here. Today I decided to use a nail polish that I've had for year and never got around to using it. It's called Earthy Mauve by Maybelline Ultimate Wear. The dots and dandelion were made by using by Kiss Nail Art Paint striper in white and a black striper I have. I love this color so much because it's a gorgeous mauve color and it has very subtle purple shimmer.
This color needed only 1 coat to make it opaque. I used a white striper to make polka dots on all the fingers except for the ring finger. On the ring finger I made a dandelion (thank you Cj for the idea and the nail striper).

For some weird reason the second picture has a different lighting than the 1st one. O_O
I really love this design because it's girly (but not too girly) and fun. 

TARDIS Nail Design/Crackle Nails

Now, me (Asa) being a HUGE Doctor Who fan, I wanted to do a cool TARDIS nail design. However, I am also not as talented as everyone else.
But I did try to do a design.:

I decided to make a bow tie on my pinky because, well, bow ties are cool.
The glitter on the index finger was supposed to be the stars in a galaxy.
Here is another picture so you can see the glitter better:

I was sporting this design for about 2 days and no one in my school knew what a TARDIS was much less what Doctor Who was. It is my goal to find a DW in my school so I can discuss how Moffat continually messes with people's minds with his plot lines. 
Here are the colors I used:
From right to left: French White Creme from Wet n Wild, Wild Beauty Nail Paint in Black, Art Deco Nail Striper in yellow, and Wet n Wild's Saved by the Blue (from their Fast Dry collection).
The two colors that were not named were used for my crackle design on my left hand: (Sorry for a weird angle. It's really hard to take a picture with a DSLR using one hand).

I got the crackle from a random store somewhere in Uptown Manhattan. It was around $2.
The base color I used was Desert Dune from L.A. Colors and the Crackle is black.
I really like this crackles nail polish and at this price it was an amazing find.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fierce Leopard Print Design

Hi! C.j. again, and this time with a leopard print design. This is actually what I had on my nails for the first day of school (which just started Thursday...can it be summer vacation again?!) Anyway, I've been want to try a leopard design for a while now. It's time consuming if you don't have a Konad stamper (I don't) and can be frustrating if you cant get the spot placement right. It was even more frustrating for me, because my black nail art striper was so sticky!! There is a video that you can refer to: it's once again by the wonderful nail guru, cutepolish and here's the link. And here are more some pics of the design, once again sorry for any blurriness and the lighting.
L.A. Colors Gold Nugget

Btw the black striper I used was Kiss Nail Art Paint Black (obviously not pictured sorry!)
From far, I felt like this nail design looked like a strange crackle
I don't really have a pale tan color nail polish and I was just itching to use L.A. Colors Gold Nugget that I borrowed from Asa. (H3y Asa t0t3s st3aling!1! Lulz) Anyway, I really liked the color. it was just so pretty and shimmery. Now I don't feel I did the design too accurate. Usually in an average nail tutorial, they advise you to make the inside of the spots a slightly darker color than the base for an accurate cheetah effect. I didn't have a darkish gold or brown, and I felt that a bright yellow would look really strange with the gold and black. Instead, I chose to outline some thick slightly warped spots with a strip of the base color showing in place of a darker color. Then I would randomly put small random dashes around the nail for a more accurate cheetah print.
Refer to the video if you're not sure what I mean! It really helps!
I might be posting again tomorrow since I'm about to work on a new design! I'm seriously considering an I Love Lucy design. I LOVE HER.
And heads up to any Doctor Who fans, if all's well with Asa's new camera she will be uploading a Spectacular TARDIS nail design very soon!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School Lovely Looseleaf Design

It's C.j. again and this time I have a back to school nail manicure this week! It may be a little late for some of you though ( Asa and I start school the eighth and we're dreading it). Anyhoo here are some pics:
Messy Again sorry!
From left to right: Wet n' Wild French White Créme, L.A. Colors Art Deco Sky Blue, Kiss Nail Art Black, and L.A. Colors Art Deco Rose 
Weird angle I know

The design is supposed to be loose leaf, with a red stripe on both the thumb and pinky to represent margins. Across the three fingers in the middle, I painted (messily) I <3 You. If you're the lucky owner of nail pens, it should be a snap to write this. Anyway, this design is fairly simple, but can be time consuming if you are really set  focused on getting the stripes perfectly even and straight, and writing the words and creating the heart. For the looseleaf design you can watch this wonderful video by Cutepolish.
You can see I tweaked it a bit and added my own bit of art to kick it up a notch. If you want to, and are very creative/handy with a nail polish brush, you can do this loose leaf design with some other random doodles: stick figures (something i planned to do on my right hand), stars, happy faces etc.
In school, I am always entertaining myself/drowning out the teacher by drawing on the side of the margins. I fill them with the most random doodles (of course after diligently copying my notes ;D) and I kind of used those doodles as sort of an inspiration for this nail design!
Anyway hope you like it, and try it!
'Till next time!

Random Assortment of Nail Designs

Asa here! I've been racking my brain to come up with some nail art! So.....
For my nail design post I decided to go around and to look at nail art for inspiration. This is the design I've done on my left hand. (I didn't even bother with the right. I know I'll mess up.)

If you can't tell, on the thumb I used a light pink color and added black dots and gold dots as well. This was inspired by a pair of Betsey Johnson earrings I have on my wishlist of things to buy when I get a job. (I love Betsey Johnson!).
The index finger was inspired by Betsey Johnson's jewelry box: picture
The middle finger was me trying to recreate this design.
The ring finger was a mistake because I was trying to make color blocks but instead it turned out like that.
The pinky was just something I had in mind.
Can you tell I love polka dots?
I'll give the names of the nail polishes I used for this design in my next post.
Here's another picture of my nails:

Until next time guys!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Plaid Nail Design

Hi, it's me C.j. again, and today my nail design is based on a cute plaid look. This is a perfect back to school (ugh) design for your nails. I'll be honest, when I was younger I HATED plaid designs. But that was before I realized that there were so many nicer color combos that actually suited the design. (Still I wouldn't want to wear a whole outfit dedicated to plaid. The thought makes me shudder.)

Anyway, this design is actually very pretty and surprisingly simple. Honestly, it depends on your color combination. It's also very cute if your school forces requires uniforms and you're desperate for a quirky pop of color.
Sorry for the blurriness and weird lighting ( I cannot take pictures to save my life!)
For the base color I used L.A. Colors Palm Tree and for the design itself I used Kiss Nail Art White and L.A. Colors Art Deco Hi-Lite.
From Left to Right: L.A. Colors Art Deco Hi- Lite, L.A. Colors Palm Tree and Kiss Nail Art White (Dopey's in the background just chillin')

Stupid Lighting -_-
For the design, after painting on your base coat, take another color (that either compliments or clashes with it in some brilliant way) and carefully create a tic-tac-toe grid on it. I used yellow at first. Then take another color ( I used white) and create another tic-tac-toe grid, but this time, paint it slightly below and to the left of the original grid. It's up to you if you want to add another grid, I chose not to because I felt (with my shaky hands) I would mess up the design I already had. 
If you have a glitter nail striper you could use that for the third grid! It would definitely give the design that extra pop!
Once again Asa and I would love to hear from you! All feedback is appreciated and we would love any nail design requests! Bye for now! :D