Sunday, September 11, 2011

TARDIS Nail Design/Crackle Nails

Now, me (Asa) being a HUGE Doctor Who fan, I wanted to do a cool TARDIS nail design. However, I am also not as talented as everyone else.
But I did try to do a design.:

I decided to make a bow tie on my pinky because, well, bow ties are cool.
The glitter on the index finger was supposed to be the stars in a galaxy.
Here is another picture so you can see the glitter better:

I was sporting this design for about 2 days and no one in my school knew what a TARDIS was much less what Doctor Who was. It is my goal to find a DW in my school so I can discuss how Moffat continually messes with people's minds with his plot lines. 
Here are the colors I used:
From right to left: French White Creme from Wet n Wild, Wild Beauty Nail Paint in Black, Art Deco Nail Striper in yellow, and Wet n Wild's Saved by the Blue (from their Fast Dry collection).
The two colors that were not named were used for my crackle design on my left hand: (Sorry for a weird angle. It's really hard to take a picture with a DSLR using one hand).

I got the crackle from a random store somewhere in Uptown Manhattan. It was around $2.
The base color I used was Desert Dune from L.A. Colors and the Crackle is black.
I really like this crackles nail polish and at this price it was an amazing find.

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