Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Nail Art

Hey everyone, Asa here! I have a Halloween Nail Design here and I think it's supercute!
LOL Conan. 
Anyways, I did this design but the thing is, I kept messing up on the index finger:
My index finger is a candy corn as is supposed to be my pinky. The pinky came out better than the index finger. I used Brucci's Emmi and Olli Go Bananas as the base color and then used Wet n Wild's Sunny Side Up as the middle color and Wet n Wild's  French White Creme. I also used French White Creme for Jack Skellington (middle finger) and the blood drips on my ring finger. To draw Jack I used a black striper and for the blood splatters I used Revlon's Valentine and a toothpick. Also, if you click on the picture you will find that the orange part of the candy corn is shimmery because I layered a sheer orange shimmer I have. (I forgot the name sorry).

This is a less blurry picture

My thumb was a spiderweb made using Wet n Wild's French White Creme as a base color and using a black striper I drew a spiderweb. If you click on the picture of my thumbnail you can see small flecks of glitter which I did by using L.A. Color Craze's Black Pearl.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
I just really love Matt Smith

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunny Rainbow Design

IT HAS BEEN SO BUSY THESE PAST TWO WEEKS!! I had this design on weeks ago but haven't gotten the chance to post until now!!!! I know it's a bit of a sunny design for the month of Halloween, but, for all of you who are missing summer, or don't really care much for Halloween, here's a pic.
Messy as usual I know -___-
This design was done without any special nail tools by the way, so with a steady hand, it should be fairly easy to replicate. You don't even need to put sunglasses on the sun, I just always used to draw them this way!! :D
L.A. Colors Color Craze Splash
L.A. Colors Rose,Sky Blue. Hi-Lite, and Sinful Colors Nail Art Orange Alert (?) and Time Out
Nicka K Polish in White

For this design you can add so much more to it. You could opt for less clouds and maybe add a few birds or something. I wanted it simple like this and I really liked how the sun and rainbow came out!
I'm definitely going to try to upload a Halloween design sometime this week! I really hate how I had so many ideas for a Halloween design and I didn't get the chance to try even one on my nails!! :'(
I'm definitely planning to have the next design feature one of my favorite characters, Jack Skellington!
Until next time!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Alice in Wonderland Nail Design!

Hey, Asa here!
I have an Alice in Wonderland nail design here!
I actually used this picture to do my design.
Here are some pictures:

This is actually all the colors I had to use. From left to right: NK Top Coat, NK Base Coat,  Klassicolor in Pastel Teal, White striper, Revlon's 730 Valentine, black striper, L.A. Color Craze in Tropical Breeze, and Wet n Wild's Fuschia-Rama from their FastDry collection.

The ring finger is supposed to be the Chesire Cat's stripes and the other fingers are  Alice's Dress and the playing card symbols.

See you guys later with a Halloween nail design!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OM NOM NOM!! A Cookie Monster Design

Finally! I'm posting! I feel like I've been lazy, not uploading this post sooner, but school has been annoying the heck out of me! Anyway, today's design is based on the LOVABLE AND WONDERFUL (and perhaps mildly annoying) COOKIE MONSTER!!!! Honestly whenever I'm near a pack of Chips Ahoy, I act as crazy and hungry as him!
Anyhoo here's a pic of the design. (Well, more than one, I couldn't resist)
So as you can see Cookie Monster is on my thumb, and on my ring finger, (which I know is hard to make out) I painted a white speech bubble with the word "COOKIE" in it. For the rest of the fingers I painted little chocolate chips to make them look like cookies.
L.A. Colors  Color Craze Splash and L.A. Colors Color Craze  Mega Watt
Sinful Colors Nail Art Time Out and Kiss Nail Art Paint White (I Also used L.A. Colors Nail Art Striper  Dark Blue not pictured, sorry!)
The Cookie Monster wasn't very difficult to paint, even with out dotting tools or nail art brushes. Really, all that you need to do is paint your nails a nude shade (or a light brown or tan color) and then on the thumb, (or any finger you want really) use a blue polish to create Cookie's head. You can outline it in a dark blue like i did if you wish to make his fur appear shaggier. Then create two eyeballs with two white circles and dot them with two black pupils slightly askew. Then create his mouth with black polish, and make him smile. He is around cookies after all. On the ring finger create a speech bubble, and as carefully as you can with your striper, write COOKIE. Or if not, you can simply dot the rest of the nails with black to create chocolate chips. Here's a picture of Cookie Monster you can reference to!
I don't own this.

Hopefully I can post again real soon! Until then, bye!

Pink Purple and Grey Leopard Print Nails! (pic heavy)

Asa again! This time with a nail art! So I decided to take a twist on the traditional leopard print and used purple and pink instead. I painted my nails with L.A. Colors color craze in Tropical Breeze but on my ring finger I used Sinful Color's Thimbleberry. On the purple nails, I used Love & Beauty's nail polish (from Forever 21) in "Grey" which is a metallic grey not a creme grey. I then made little "c"s (using a nail striper) around the grey dots and little spots of black on bare patches of purple. On my ring finger I used the purple color as dots and did the same with nail striper.
 I actually got a lot of compliments at school for this manicure. 

Anyways, on to the pictures! 
With flash:


 With flash:

Ahh! GLITTER! (with a special appearance by John Barrowman)

Hey Asa again! I am here with a review this time (hooray for reviews!) So, I LOVE LOVE LOVE glitter. And purple glitter is amazing. What is better than purple glitter? Purple (okay, technically magenta) glitter with a black background! Wet n Wild has an amazing polish called Night Prowl and the moment I laid eyes on it, I knew I had to buy it. And at about a dollar, this is a gorg. color. The formula was slightly sheer, but nothing 3 coats couldn't fix. I did however notice chipping a day into my manicure. After all, you get what you pay for (and I paid a dollar + tax for this). 
Basically glitter makes me look like this: 

No flash:


 (The pictures were taken a day after I did the mani.)

Shimmery Layered Polish

Hey all! Asa here with, not a nail design, but a layered concoction. I used a purple creme polish I bought at a store close to my house for $2. I haven't heard of the brand but it is called "Quirius" and the name of the polish is Starry Night. I started off with a base coat (by Nicka K) and then applied 2 coats of Starry Night and then put on the Sinful colors duochrome color that is unnamed (sorry! I received this as a gift). I then applied Express Top Coat (also by Nicka K). Yay for cheap polishes! This manicure cost around $6 (plus tax). 

 With flash:

 Without flash:

 With flash:
Do you guys like the ring? (It's my sister's ring. I "borrowed" it from her!).
I realized my manicure is similar to another one I found on le Internet:
(But mine is cheaper).

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I Love Lucy Nail Design

I'm finally posting! I feel like I've been putting this off for way too long! Maybe because I wasn't as satisfied with this design as I was with the other few I have uploaded. This design was just a little tribute to the wonderful show I Love Lucy, that I have been seeing a lot of recently! If no one's a fan of the show, you can still design your nails with the cute little lips I painted on both the index and ring finger. It's perfect for a Valentine's Day design!
Writing the words was hard with just a nail striper! It's why the Lucy part is kind of squished!

From Left: L.A. Colors Art Deco Baby Pink, Intense Pink and Rose
Sinful Colors Nail Art: Time Out
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth: Vital Violet
Just a plain little stripe design on the thumb and a criss cross one on the pinky. 
For this design really you need to try to steady your hand as best as you can. I honestly couldn't replicate it on my right hand, it was much too difficult without proper nail brushes. The lips are pretty easy by the way. Really you need to try and draw a sort of compressed heart, and than use black to part the lips.
My next post should be a simple and cute Cookie Monster one. Hopefully I'll get to it soon this weekend!! I can't believe school is already taking it's toll on Asa and I!!