Saturday, October 13, 2012

Influenster: Revamped!

Influenster had been promising a whole new look to its site for quite a while. They teased us with mentions of new badges, new voxbox campaigns, and points system. Guess what?
They delivered!
Influenster is a totally new site now. New look, new logo, new system! With new badges and categories, any kind of blogger can be an influenster! The site is invitation only now, with unlimited lifestage badges to earn, and 5 expert badges you can choose. The more influential on social media you are, the higher your score will be! Influensters can review just about anything now, and ask questions and provide answers to their fellow bloggers. Profiles are now public so we can explore each other's blogs and see how much of an Influenster they are!
The new site is fresh and clean looking. I love how modern it is, and how easy it is to navigate. Not to mention that they've allowed us veteran Influensters to retain our old brand badges! All in all, it was a wise and clever move for Influenster!