Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japanese Cherry Blossom Nail Art

Hey, it's Asa here! I know I haven't posted in a while but here I am. :)
For the base of this design I used KlassicColor Nail Lacquer in Pastel Teal. the branches of the tree was created using a nail striper (Wild Beauty Nail Paint in # 2 Black), the white petals were created using Wet 'n' Wild's color icon nail color in French White Creme and the soft pink petals were made by using e.l.f.'s Nail Polish in Light Pink (#81003).

This nail art was actually inspired by the Arizona Green Tea can. Instead of creating cherry blossoms on ALL my fingers, I decided to twist things up and drew the kanji symbol for "cherry blossom" in black polish on my ring finger using this picture as my guide.

The kanji symbol took a bit longer than painting the cherry blossoms because I wanted it to be perfect.
As you can see in the picture, I have put a small dot of the light pink in the middle of the white petals. This design can also be created with a white base or even a clear one if you do not have a pastel teal polish. You can even make the petals shimmery to make it more fun. The branches don't have to be black but I decided to make them this way because I didn't have a brown striper. Cherry blossoms are all the rage in the world of nail art and I decided to give it a whirl by putting my own twist on it.
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