Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sweet Girly Design

Hi! C.j. here and I'm finally posting our very first nail design post! As I mentioned in our previous post I used Wet n' Wild French White Créme and Tickled Pink for the base coat of this design.
 I also used pale blue, pale pink, and white stripers (Nail Polish specifically for nail art that has a really thin brush) to create my design.
(Pink not pictured! I forgot sorry!! For the record it is a L.A, Colors Striper) From left: Kiss Nail Art White and L.A. Colors  Art Deco Sky Blue

  Anyway here's a few pictures of the design:
I apologize for the blurriness, cameras are not my friend!

This was a very simple design and very cute actually. I feel it works best with light colors, but darker ones could work well too. On the thumb and index finger I have diagonal and horizontal stripes in alternating colors while on the pointer and pinky fingers I have a random smattering of polka dots in alternating colors as well. On the ring finger, I painted a small, delicate flower with a blue stem surrounded by pink and blue polka dots. The flower is fairly easy to create, especially if you happen to have a smaller thinner brush lying around. (I unfortunately did not.) It kind of resembles a butterfly but with five points (petals). The image I used to create the design is NOT mine but here's a link to it;
This is a very girly and pretty design. It actually reminds me so much of cotton candy, probably because the Wet n' Wild pink and L.A. Colors blue compliment each other so well!!
So that's the end of our first Nail Design post!! Please send us links to any photos of designs you may have come up with! I hope this design inspires you to create some of your own beautiful nail art!
One last note; Asa and I would love if you could send us any requests for nail designs you might like to see! And any feedback about our posts is greatly appreciated; especially if you found anything lacking in them.
Thank you!!

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