Friday, August 19, 2011

Wet n' Wild Swatches

Hey everyone or anyone who's reading! Sorry for the delay in new posts, it's been kind of busy for us! Later today or early tomorrow expect a nail design post from me! (C.j.)
Anyway today we have some pictures of some Wet n' Wild swatches. Asa and I really like this brand, because of how smooth it goes on and how shiny the color is! (By the way we apologize for any messiness! We are only human afterall! :P)
The first few pics are Asa's nails and polishes she has:

From Left: Everybody Loves Redmond, Sunny Side Up, The Wonder Yellows, Sage in the City, Teal or No Teal

From Left: Saved by the Blue, Fuchsia Rama, How I Met Your Magenta, Wild Card/Invitation, Night Prowl
(This is Night Prowl)

Asa said"I love the brushes for the fast dry nail polishes. It lets me evenly cover my nail. Some of the colors were very sheer like The Wonder Yellows and Everybody Loves Redmond which needed 3-4 coats to become opaque. For $1.99 (Wet n Wild Fast Dry) and 99 cents (Wet n Wild Wild Shine), I was pleased with the products."
 I love the names of these polishes so much!

Now it's time for my pictures. I only have two Wet n' Wild polishes right now but I look forward to buying more. I love the shine and color and how opaque it was from the start.
In case the text is too small, From left: Tickled Pink (402) and French White Créme (449C)
 These two colors are perfect for classic manicures or for a sweet and cute design. ( These are actually the two polishes I used for the nail design I hope to post later this evening!) Anyway these polishes were only .99 cents and I was extremely satisfied with them. They are from the Wet n' Wild Shine line, which also boasts a number of other fine colors.
We hope you continue to read our posts! Thank you!! 

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