Friday, September 2, 2011

Plaid Nail Design

Hi, it's me C.j. again, and today my nail design is based on a cute plaid look. This is a perfect back to school (ugh) design for your nails. I'll be honest, when I was younger I HATED plaid designs. But that was before I realized that there were so many nicer color combos that actually suited the design. (Still I wouldn't want to wear a whole outfit dedicated to plaid. The thought makes me shudder.)

Anyway, this design is actually very pretty and surprisingly simple. Honestly, it depends on your color combination. It's also very cute if your school forces requires uniforms and you're desperate for a quirky pop of color.
Sorry for the blurriness and weird lighting ( I cannot take pictures to save my life!)
For the base color I used L.A. Colors Palm Tree and for the design itself I used Kiss Nail Art White and L.A. Colors Art Deco Hi-Lite.
From Left to Right: L.A. Colors Art Deco Hi- Lite, L.A. Colors Palm Tree and Kiss Nail Art White (Dopey's in the background just chillin')

Stupid Lighting -_-
For the design, after painting on your base coat, take another color (that either compliments or clashes with it in some brilliant way) and carefully create a tic-tac-toe grid on it. I used yellow at first. Then take another color ( I used white) and create another tic-tac-toe grid, but this time, paint it slightly below and to the left of the original grid. It's up to you if you want to add another grid, I chose not to because I felt (with my shaky hands) I would mess up the design I already had. 
If you have a glitter nail striper you could use that for the third grid! It would definitely give the design that extra pop!
Once again Asa and I would love to hear from you! All feedback is appreciated and we would love any nail design requests! Bye for now! :D

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