Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fierce Leopard Print Design

Hi! C.j. again, and this time with a leopard print design. This is actually what I had on my nails for the first day of school (which just started Thursday...can it be summer vacation again?!) Anyway, I've been want to try a leopard design for a while now. It's time consuming if you don't have a Konad stamper (I don't) and can be frustrating if you cant get the spot placement right. It was even more frustrating for me, because my black nail art striper was so sticky!! There is a video that you can refer to: it's once again by the wonderful nail guru, cutepolish and here's the link. And here are more some pics of the design, once again sorry for any blurriness and the lighting.
L.A. Colors Gold Nugget

Btw the black striper I used was Kiss Nail Art Paint Black (obviously not pictured sorry!)
From far, I felt like this nail design looked like a strange crackle
I don't really have a pale tan color nail polish and I was just itching to use L.A. Colors Gold Nugget that I borrowed from Asa. (H3y Asa t0t3s st3aling!1! Lulz) Anyway, I really liked the color. it was just so pretty and shimmery. Now I don't feel I did the design too accurate. Usually in an average nail tutorial, they advise you to make the inside of the spots a slightly darker color than the base for an accurate cheetah effect. I didn't have a darkish gold or brown, and I felt that a bright yellow would look really strange with the gold and black. Instead, I chose to outline some thick slightly warped spots with a strip of the base color showing in place of a darker color. Then I would randomly put small random dashes around the nail for a more accurate cheetah print.
Refer to the video if you're not sure what I mean! It really helps!
I might be posting again tomorrow since I'm about to work on a new design! I'm seriously considering an I Love Lucy design. I LOVE HER.
And heads up to any Doctor Who fans, if all's well with Asa's new camera she will be uploading a Spectacular TARDIS nail design very soon!

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