Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Nail Art

Hey everyone, Asa here! I have a Halloween Nail Design here and I think it's supercute!
LOL Conan. 
Anyways, I did this design but the thing is, I kept messing up on the index finger:
My index finger is a candy corn as is supposed to be my pinky. The pinky came out better than the index finger. I used Brucci's Emmi and Olli Go Bananas as the base color and then used Wet n Wild's Sunny Side Up as the middle color and Wet n Wild's  French White Creme. I also used French White Creme for Jack Skellington (middle finger) and the blood drips on my ring finger. To draw Jack I used a black striper and for the blood splatters I used Revlon's Valentine and a toothpick. Also, if you click on the picture you will find that the orange part of the candy corn is shimmery because I layered a sheer orange shimmer I have. (I forgot the name sorry).

This is a less blurry picture

My thumb was a spiderweb made using Wet n Wild's French White Creme as a base color and using a black striper I drew a spiderweb. If you click on the picture of my thumbnail you can see small flecks of glitter which I did by using L.A. Color Craze's Black Pearl.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!
I just really love Matt Smith

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