Saturday, October 1, 2011

OM NOM NOM!! A Cookie Monster Design

Finally! I'm posting! I feel like I've been lazy, not uploading this post sooner, but school has been annoying the heck out of me! Anyway, today's design is based on the LOVABLE AND WONDERFUL (and perhaps mildly annoying) COOKIE MONSTER!!!! Honestly whenever I'm near a pack of Chips Ahoy, I act as crazy and hungry as him!
Anyhoo here's a pic of the design. (Well, more than one, I couldn't resist)
So as you can see Cookie Monster is on my thumb, and on my ring finger, (which I know is hard to make out) I painted a white speech bubble with the word "COOKIE" in it. For the rest of the fingers I painted little chocolate chips to make them look like cookies.
L.A. Colors  Color Craze Splash and L.A. Colors Color Craze  Mega Watt
Sinful Colors Nail Art Time Out and Kiss Nail Art Paint White (I Also used L.A. Colors Nail Art Striper  Dark Blue not pictured, sorry!)
The Cookie Monster wasn't very difficult to paint, even with out dotting tools or nail art brushes. Really, all that you need to do is paint your nails a nude shade (or a light brown or tan color) and then on the thumb, (or any finger you want really) use a blue polish to create Cookie's head. You can outline it in a dark blue like i did if you wish to make his fur appear shaggier. Then create two eyeballs with two white circles and dot them with two black pupils slightly askew. Then create his mouth with black polish, and make him smile. He is around cookies after all. On the ring finger create a speech bubble, and as carefully as you can with your striper, write COOKIE. Or if not, you can simply dot the rest of the nails with black to create chocolate chips. Here's a picture of Cookie Monster you can reference to!
I don't own this.

Hopefully I can post again real soon! Until then, bye!

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