Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunny Rainbow Design

IT HAS BEEN SO BUSY THESE PAST TWO WEEKS!! I had this design on weeks ago but haven't gotten the chance to post until now!!!! I know it's a bit of a sunny design for the month of Halloween, but, for all of you who are missing summer, or don't really care much for Halloween, here's a pic.
Messy as usual I know -___-
This design was done without any special nail tools by the way, so with a steady hand, it should be fairly easy to replicate. You don't even need to put sunglasses on the sun, I just always used to draw them this way!! :D
L.A. Colors Color Craze Splash
L.A. Colors Rose,Sky Blue. Hi-Lite, and Sinful Colors Nail Art Orange Alert (?) and Time Out
Nicka K Polish in White

For this design you can add so much more to it. You could opt for less clouds and maybe add a few birds or something. I wanted it simple like this and I really liked how the sun and rainbow came out!
I'm definitely going to try to upload a Halloween design sometime this week! I really hate how I had so many ideas for a Halloween design and I didn't get the chance to try even one on my nails!! :'(
I'm definitely planning to have the next design feature one of my favorite characters, Jack Skellington!
Until next time!

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