Friday, July 10, 2015

The Lip Bar Lipsticks Review (Purple Rain and Kiss Me)

Okay. Teensy story time. In my May Boxycharm I received a Lip Bar Lipstick in Purple Rain, and was absolutely fascinated (and a little bit scared) of the color. When I tried on the lipstick, I noticed it was very wobbly in the tube, and I alerted Boxycharm customer service about it. (Side Note: The Boxycharm customer service has been absolutely amazing to me multiple times.) They offered to replace it, but couldn't guarantee the same color, which I was totally fine with. I ended up receiving a replacement lipstick in the shade Kiss Me, and boy, is it bright!
The shade Kiss Me is much more a cross between an hot pink and coral!
The Lip Bar lipsticks are natural, vegan lipsticks that are dedicated to delivering a bold lip color while still being good for your lips. They are made up of shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil and vitamin E, which help keep the moisture in your lips even after hours of wear. I noticed that these lipsticks remained very comfortable throughout the day. The formula is creamy, but they do not transfer to my teeth or travel drastically outside of my lip line. The lipsticks are super bright and pigmented. Both of these colors leave a pink stain as the color begins to fade (5 hours+) or when they are wiped off. 

These lipsticks retail for $20 each, which is pretty "average" in the realm of vegan makeup. I am not a vegan, so I'm not too concerned with the ingredients in each and every lip product I use (unless of course, it is something harmful to my health!). These lipsticks are super pigmented and moisturizing, the packaging is adorable and the founder of this company is a woman of color which YAY!! If you are a vegan, prefer makeup with natural ingredients or are someone in search of a super bold lip, I would say The Lip Bar lipsticks are worth trying out.

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