Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Healthy Directions through Brandbacker provided me with an interesting product to test out and review. This is their OxyRub Pain Relief Cream, which is supposed to provide fast-acting relief for muscle and joint pain. I was actually really excited to test this, because in my family, we tend to have a lot of complaints about backaches and muscle pains! 
The OxyRub cream is actually very light and easy to spread out. It loses its sticky feeling rather quickly, and I feel safe putting it under my clothes, while with Bengay, I can definitely feel the tackiness and greasiness of the product for quite a while. What I'm actually most pleased (and surprised) about is that the cream does not have that super strong menthol smell that Bengay has. With Bengay, if I apply it before leaving my house, you can definitely smell that I have it on. It's not a secret. This cream actually smells slightly like a Ricola cough drop mixed with orange to me. It's definitely a pro in my book, because the scent of Bengay can sometimes be way too overpowering and gives me a headache. 
I had two other people besides myself test this product. My dad has severe shoulder pains, my uncle has reoccurring back pains, and I have slight carpal tunnel that tends to act up right before going to bed. It takes about two to three minutes for the cream to begin that pleasant "burning" feeling, that Bengay and other products like this have. The burn is not as strong as some of the more extra strength products, which is fine for me. My carpal tunnel ache was significantly relieved within thirty minutes. Similarly, my uncle found that his back pain had also dissipated enough to allow him to sleep. My dad didn't find the cream to be too effective for him. His shoulder pains are more severe than aches that stem from sore muscles or arthritis, so keep the type of pains you have in mind if you are considering purchasing this product.   
OxyRub Pain Relief Cream can be purchased for $19 on Amazon. Even though I really enjoyed this product and it worked for me, I'm not quite sure if I would pay that much, when I can purchase a similar cream for five dollars at the drug store. Maybe if I had an extra twenty dollars to spare, I wouldn't have to think twice. I think the consistency and smell of the product must be taken into account. If you absolutely HATE (like full-on, no going back loathing!) the way Bengay feels on your skin, and the way that the menthol scent completely overpowers everything, then this product is worth looking into. OxyRub dried and felt like a regular lotion at around thirty minutes. It's not greasy, sticky and there's a lesser chance that it would cling and stain your clothes.
Healthy Directions has provided our readers with a 20% discount code for first time purchases of OxyRub Cream.* This code is valid until 12/31/15. You can use the code SAVEOXY2 on Amazon which lowers the price to around $16. However, if you're on a tight budget (like me) and can deal with Bengay, then maybe stick with what you know!   

*This is not a paid post. I was sent the product for free to test and review. All opinions are my own. I also do not receive any compensation for any purchases of this product with the use of the promotional code! 

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