Monday, January 23, 2012

Starry Night Nails (cutepolish tutorial)

Hey all!
This is Asa. 
I apologize for the lack of nail posts!

Not my gif. 

I just got finals week done with so whew. *Wipes brows*
So my post today is Starry Night Nails. I have always been fascinated with van Gogh's Starry Night and this fascination got even stronger with "Vincent and the Doctor" (Doctor Who episode). 
I found cutepolish's tutorial on Starry Night nails and they were very easy to replicate actually!
Here is my picture:

I wish I could put the TARDIS on one of the nails though. 

From Left to Right: NK Smoother Nails Ridge Filling Base Coat, WnW Saved by the Blue, WnW  Teal or no Teal,  WnW Rain Check, L.A. Colors Nail Art Brush, Topcoat (no brand).

Also, as a side note, for the rest of the nails that were not Starry Night, I layered Rain Check over Teal or no Teal because I thought that Rain Check was a bit sheer and not blue-y enough and that Teal or no Teal was too blue-y.
So, readers, I leave you with this nail art that I attempted.
Here's a gif of Emily Deschanel dancing.

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