Wednesday, January 15, 2014

A Swaggable Primer

Whenever I decide to buy a product, my number one priority is to first seek out customer reviews. I look through them, size up the majority and weigh all the individual opinions. For me, it is truly the most important feature of any site aiming to gain a mass consumer following. We as consumers cannot always trust the ads companies will often manufacture, and the Brands know this. It is absolutely essential that we have our own hub to honestly review products. This is where Swaggable comes in!

Swaggable is a social marketing site where members can browse through an array of products, including cosmetics, healthy snacks and pet supplies. They can place products they are interested in their 'Want List,' and they can review products they have tried. Swaggable members connect through Facebook and can follow their friends and share their content-like their reviews, or most wanted products-with them.
MySwaggable Hub
Swaggable often offers coupons for the products their members might be interested in purchasing. Swaggable also sends out samples for their members to try. The CEO of Swaggable, Adnan Aziz, described the site's mission saying,
"We think that people deserve better than constantly being targeted by ads they may not care about. Sure there's a lot of data on consumers that companies utilize, but we've made it possible for consumers to leverage their own data to drive desired experiences. We want to bring consumers and brands closer together by giving consumers the opportunity to experience new products that they actually like, for free, and share those experiences with friends." 
The video below explains the exciting role that social media -and the consumers who utilize it-can play in the expansion of a product's popularity through word-of-mouth, and how Swaggable can help marketers seize these important customer referrals and support.

There has been a total of 130 sampling campaigns and 51,639 samples sent out through Swaggable! The great perk about Swaggable is that you'll be invited to campaigns that you are actually interested in because they are based on your 'wants', your social circle and through survey questions. I've been fortunate enough to participate in two sampling campaigns. My most recent was the 'Force Dehydrated Dog Food' campaign. I received a nicely sized sample and a coupon, and was asked to review it on the brand page.
Obviously, Parker really enjoyed it.
Marketers who are interested in promoting their product through Swaggable can make inquiries right here.
You can follow Asa here, and me through the badge below! Many thanks to Sulmaan Hassan for reaching out to me, and providing the information and badges!

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